Why We Live – The Purpose Over the Earth

Most are trying to find the answer of what life is about. We are born to work, suffer, and serve, and when it’s over we die. During the course of life, we are often happy, sometimes sad, we suffer pain and loss, and we are either successful in our minds or we regret the opportunities that never came our way. Some may incur depression while others have lives of misery. Others still are born into wealth and have everything laid on but most are poor.

Adding to the challenges are the trials inflicted by disease, famine, drought, war, and so on. Many leave their homeland to find riches elsewhere while some are forced out due to war and loss of security. Some bear children who may die while others live full and happy lives.

It doesn’t matter how or what they become the ultimate destination is death and there we are equal. The emotional make-up of each is there to rip us apart when sorry overtakes the frame or to express anger and hate that affects those around us. Some die young and others live to a ripe old age, which in these times is being stretched often beyond a hundred years.

So what is the purpose of life and why the secrets surrounding it? My reincarnation and link to the Spirit of the Universe gave me insight into some of them. To begin with we have all reincarnated and according to the bible it has happened at least six times (Job 5:19-21). That means that there is no heaven or hell and that all religions are wrong.

The Spirit is the real God and it created everything and fills all of space. It is the little voice inside that often speaks to us. It guides and directs our path and it has made some spiritual and others to be the test for that link. Those who grow strong in their connection to God are called the Children of Israel. They are also referred to as the vineyard (Isaiah 5:4,6)

Vineyards produce wine and spirits. In order to grow they need manure, weeds, soil, and other things that are essential. They include wind and rain and the Spirit provides both through the link.

We are now at the end of the day when things will simply cease to be. This may happen through wars, which are already threatening. Prophecy tells us that the dead will stretch from one end of the earth to the other and be as dung upon the ground (Jeremiah 25:33).

Prophecies also tell us of God’s anger towards those who oppose the Spirit and put up false gods and prophets to entrap the spiritual within their walls of deceit. Those who free themselves from the prison and listen to the voice within will be saved forever.